Are Two Pancreases Greater Than One? | Tara Layman from T1D Exposed On Her Transplant | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 27

Tara from T1DExposed on Real Life Diabetes Podcast

What started as a mini pod quickly blossomed into a full blown podcast once Amber began diving into the nitty gritty as to how Tara Layman (T1D Exposed co-founder) scored a new pancreas and kidney. The question of the hour – Will two pancreases and three kidneys reverse her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis? Well, in this episode they chat openly about the pre surgery process, switching from insulin shots to a handful of pills, how important it is to have a support team and what the future holds for someone who no longer “technically” has Type 1 diabetes.


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Tara & Her Dad

  • Mark Your Calendars: June 28th is Tara’s Diaversary!
  • Transplant Net – A service that provides an outlet for donor’s families to connect with the organ recipient.
  • We know what you’re thinking, how big is the incision?
    • 13 inches long

Tara's Staples

  • Now that Tara’s on a diabetes sabbatical, she has plenty of supplies to share with folks. Hit her up if you need Tandum Pump Supplies.
  • Kudos to Tara’s Support Team!
Tara & Her Mother                                                                                 Tara with her mother.
Tara & Kat                                                                              Tara with T1D Exposed Co-Founder, Kat.
  • Hey Grinders – We want your input. What would you call someone who received a transplant/diabetes reversal? Please drop us a comment if you come up with something clever.

Tara's Pills

Tara's Meter

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