9 Intentions to Balance Your Diabetes Day

9 Intentions To Balance Your Diabetic Day

We echo this regularly on DiabetesDailyGrind, but it requires mentioning again–diabetes management is a reflection of our life’s balance. Despite our constant discourse on the topic, we have yet to discover the perfect balance. Yet, we have figured out a few things that work for us.

I like the power of a purposeful intention. When set with resolve, a single intention serves as your compass across a full day. Whether you write this intention in a journal (bedtime or morning), repeat it out loud, or scribble it on your bathroom mirror, find a way to make it stick, and watch yourself creatively impact the day with presence.

This list directly impacts the way we make diabetes and life decisions. Here we go:

  1.  I will be present when making diabetes decisions
  2.  I will think about where I want to be, not where I am right now
  3.  I will respond, not react
  4.  I will be mindful of my thoughts, watching for patterns out of the norm
  5.  I will forgive myself for things I do when high or low, that do not reflect my best self
  6.  I understand that today will bring uncertainty
  7.  I get that I cannot control every facet of my blood sugar
  8.  I will be open and vulnerable to others when I need their help
  9. I will not lose my cool when someone says the word “diabeetus”


Former co-founder of DiabetesDailyGrind, Ryan's mission is to motivate others with diabetes to live their own authentic life. Most days, when not in the hospital during his medical residency, you can find him on the bike, surfboard, or yoga mat. He believes in the power of clean eating, and loves his Dexcom.

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