A Diagnosis That Catalyzed An Active Lifestyle | John Brandenburg | Real Life Diabetes Podcast #2

On the second episode of the Real Life Diabetes Podcast, John Brandenburg joins the DDG Founders Ryan and Amber. His honesty, commitment, and outlook on life and type 2 diabetes was beyond refreshing. Imagine watching your father pass away from diabetes complications, your mother succumb to Alzheimer’s disease with diabetes, and then be given the same diagnosis in your 40s. Talk about terrifying. He felt the fear but then found empowerment. On no insulin, no medications, owning a near perfect A1c, and living out his best life, John outlines a path for how to catalyze your best life as we look back on his journey.

Enjoy everyone. All of the resources and links mentioned during the podcast can be found below in our notes. Be on the lookout for an Imperial Stout from 405 Brewing Co. in Norman, OK, their first beer coming soon in 2015! Much love to the Trey Carson and Jonathan Stapleton for letting us record in their brewery.

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Show Notes

– John just got back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We talk all things CES, wearables, and health data. For a look at what happened at this year’s show, take a look at this breakdown.
– “Sugar Surfing” and trend management.

– John’s story. He walks us through all the phases of his type 2 diagnosis and how he took control. He mentions the book Diabetes Solution by Dr. Bernstein.

– Our love affair with MindBodyGreen.com

– Cheat days and why John refuses to believe in that idea because he’s too busy living his best life.

– Genetics and whether or not it matters

– How do you start up an active lifestyle? John gives great advice for how to get it all started.


Thank you Jonathan Stapleton for doing the fine engineering work to produce this podcast.


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