A Journey Back To Playing Shows After Open Heart Surgery | Mike Hosty | Real Life Diabetes Podcast #6

Real Life Diabetes 6: Mike Hosty

This man has a story to tell and we jumped right into it. Mike Hosty is a musician by trade, playing 2-3 shows a week across the Southwest. His weekly Sunday institution at The Deli has entertained a couple of decades of students, leading to more than a few skipped Monday morning classes. We brought him on the podcast to hear about his health journey.

With a family history of a bicuspid heart valve where there should be a tricuspid aortic valve, Mike found out four years ago that he was at risk for some major complications–a cardiologist at a show he was playing diagnosed him with an echocardiogram right before a show. After an open-heart surgery resulting in a new cadaver valve, Mike has traveled the tough road back to playing gigs and being an active Dad. For anyone on the chronic disease path littered with adversity, Mike has plenty of words of wisdom to apply to the journey.

Kick back. Enjoy the show. Try to laugh.


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