Everyone Deserves To Chase Their Dreams | Elizabeth Rowley, Founder of T1International | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 35


Diabetes is rough right? Even with a CGM and around the clock basal insulin from a pump, most days are still a grind! But staggeringly, across the globe insulin prices are accounting for up to 40% of monthly expenses, and people are walking 100 miles to get a prescription.  Elizabeth Rowley, founder of T1International, is digging deep to gain awareness to the disparities in care and often inadequate access to standards in daily management, like strips and insulin. They campaign for systemic change that not only meets daily needs, but aims to solve the underlying issues in healthcare. If you’d ever like more information on the subject of diabetes across the globe, they are the knowledge hub.

We enjoyed the conversation with Elizabeth, challenging us to open our eyes to the diabetes experience outside of the US.


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Elizabeth met her husband, also a T1D, after reaching out to the UK diabetes community.
In the UK, you pay into a tax system and treatment and care are provided.
T1International – Vision: We believe in a world where everyone with type 1 diabetes – no matter where they live – has everything they need to survive and achieve their dreams.
  • They are the web that connects people with resources.
  • They strive to focus on advocacy.
Areas of the country with the most need – Syria.
Insulin prices vary per country in addition to income.
  • Insulin and diabetes supplies SURVEY.
The American Diabetes Association® announced a resolution and the launch of a petition calling on all entities in the insulin supply chain to increase transparency and to ensure that no person with diabetes is denied affordable access to insulin. – CLICK HERE to read more.
Plug my post about clinical trials.
Access charter: https://www.t1international.com/get-involved/
The site has the perfect card(s) for someone with diabetes.
It’s all about gratitude.
How can you help?
  • By spreading the word via sharing on social media.
  • Sign the charter
  • Check out the advocacy one on one kit comes out soon. Be sure to check the site often.
Follow T1International on social media:

Cheers to the highs and lows everyone.

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