DDG Quickie: Pump Site Preference?

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Lately I’ve been exploring more creative placement of the pump sites. I use Medtronic’s Paradigm insulin pump with the Sure-T (6mm) site.

For the first 4 years or so of pump life, I targeted the stomach as the primary target. As I began running and cycling, available area in the stomach thinned up a bit. During college, I used mainly my hips and upper butt. I noticed a bit of scar tissue when I started running more often and decided to explore.

Now, I place on the lower back some but it tends to hurt like a dull toothache within 2 days. I tried the upper thigh and discovered a fun little root canal-like pain that literally made me limp every time anything in my pocket touched the site.

Grinders on the pump, any advice on spots? Should I switch back to the Silhouette or Quickset? Should I relinquish to the idea of persistent pain and suck it up? If you’re old school, where are you most comfortable shooting up?

Former co-founder of DiabetesDailyGrind, Ryan's mission is to motivate others with diabetes to live their own authentic life. Most days, when not in the hospital during his medical residency, you can find him on the bike, surfboard, or yoga mat. He believes in the power of clean eating, and loves his Dexcom.

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