“A Lot Of People Just Need A Hug” | Mark Carter, PWD Who Happens To Duck Hunt | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 45

One of our favorite podcast guests is back! Back in the fall, he joined us on Podcast 32 where he shared his love of Chick-Fil-A, coffee, Equal and Omnipod. We highly suggest a retrograde listen before hopping into this show.

During this go round, we catch up on life, hear about an epic insulin prescription journey, discuss what diabetes maturity means, and laugh hard.

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Testing OCD
Decision Making Fatigue – the average T1D makes 154 more decisions each day
Diabetes Maturity – folks who have matured in their diabetes management
Opening the lines of discussion with others about diabetes and partnering with
Why do you have to have a script for insulin?
  • Legally Bound Research
Is there any country you can purchase insulin over the counter?
Mark asks the DOC for feedback about the Carter Diabetes Duck Farm concept.
  • Experimental learning
  • Encouragement, Education and Equipping
Grazing and diabetes and living in a food culture
Novo Nordisk Team Type 1
Glycemic Index

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