#38: Kim Boaz-Wilson, CDE | Own Your Diabetes Journey

When seeking diabetes healthcare, it’s rare to find a person who delivers advice that he or she has felt. In speaking with Kim, you know she lives and breathes every word of her life lessons with a no fear philosophy. Ryan and Amber went to school.

Fortunately for us, she’s also a CDE (certified diabetes educator). Diagnosed at 5 years old with type 1 diabetes, Kim found her calling as a CDE (and RN) with Diabetes Solutions Oklahoma. As the Executive Director Kim manages new family education for type 1 diabetes, pump therapy training, and ongoing patient consultations. During the podcast, she answered a question over text about what to bolus for a certain number of carbs–she’s committed.


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  • Hypothetical Facts On Ketones – NOT Keystones (Amber was tired)
    • Not enough insulin
    • Dehydration
    • Lacking nutrition
    • No one lives in a clinical setting
  • Breaking down the word diabetic
    • Kim is a person with diabetes, she’s not a disease.
    • The more a person refers to themselves as a diabetic, the more they complain about everything in life.
  • For all of the links to the various camps via Diabetes Solutions, check out their website. 
  • People don’t forget to stalk up on low BG stuff. You can purchase them via Amazon…

Kim helped Amber put on her first Dexcom after the show. Here’s the result (spoiler: she survived):