Own Your Diabetes Journey | Kim Boaz-Wilson, CDE and PWD | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 38

When seeking diabetes healthcare, it’s rare to find a person who delivers advice that he or she has felt. In speaking with Kim, you know she lives and breathes every word of her life lessons with a no fear philosophy. Ryan and Amber went to school.

Fortunately for us, she’s also a CDE (certified diabetes educator). Diagnosed at 5 years old with type 1 diabetes, Kim found her calling as a CDE (and RN) with Diabetes Solutions Oklahoma since it’s inception in 2000. As the Executive Director of Diabetes Solutions, Kim manages new family education for type 1 diabetes, pump therapy training, and ongoing patient consultations. During the podcast, she answered a question over text about what to bolus for a certain number of carbs–she’s committed.

We love her openness toward the patient’s own experience, letting their purpose in life guide the direction of therapy, with no fear.


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  • Kim’s philosophy: She’s working to change the culture of diabetes in Oklahoma!
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