Diabetes Thought of the Day

7/1/2014 – “Why didn’t I remember that last page I read? Oh yeah, because my blood sugar is 72.”
7/2/2014 – “My vision needs Windex. Is it allergies? Wind? High blood sugar?”
7/7/2014 – “At Pei Wei, will this rice be brown or white? I’ll just take 4 units and hope it’s brown.”
7/9/2014 – “Well my blood sugar’s 88 before I go out for this run. Guess I’ll just be okay with running low the whole time.”
7/14/2014 – “Is my meter working right? Probably not given that I haven’t ever used that solution stuff they give you to calibrate it.”
7/17/2014 – “Will I ever use this entire box of lancets?
7/18/2014 – “Can I sleep through the night on an empty reservoir? Yeah, I bet there’s a few units in there. Just like my gas tank.”
7/21/2014 – “I have 3 strips left. Can I make these last 2 days until insurance clears the next month?”
7/23/2014 – “After a prick, I hope that blood geyser I just sent into the air doesn’t land on anyone. Oops.”
7/25/2014 – “That last site I put in must have hit a capillary or something given the blood spewing everywhere.”
7/28/2014 – “As a T1D, I know that this cinnamon stuff can’t help me but I’m going to pretend.”
7/30/2014 – “Am I sweating because I’m just nervous, low, or did I forget deodorant?”
7/31/2014 – “Why is my blood sugar 205? Oh yeah, might have been that double shot expresso.”
8/6/2014 – “I definitely shouldn’t be high right now. I’m high though. I definitely have the flu.”
8/10/2014 – “If I keep my blood sugar a little higher, I bet I can take a nap.”
8/11/2014 – “I’m so tired. Let’s take a nap. Crap, I’m 80. No way I’m sleeping unless that comes up.”
8/13/2014 – “I’ve worked out, avoided sugar, and meditated. There’s no way I should be 220.”
8/19/2014 – “If I hear one more person say, ‘Diabeetus’ I will punch them in the eye.”
8/22/2014 – “Are my eyes dry because of these Oklahoma allergies or high blood sugar?”
9/4/2014 – “You know, today was a pretty good day, I just can’t see it like that now being low and all.”
9/15/2014 – “Why does my mouth feel like sandpaper? Is my blood sugar high or did I sleep with my mouth open?”
9/21/2014 – “Will my relatives ever understand that I shouldn’t eat sugar-free candy either?”
9/24/2014 – “Was this a low blood sugar impulse purchase?”
10/05/2014 – “Okay, I know I’m low. Can I make it through the rest of this workout? I probably won’t pass out.”
10/09/2014 – “Will I find anything to eat at the fair?”
10/15/2014 – “To take insulin for the wine, or to not take insulin for the wine? That’s the only question I care about.”
10/23/2014 – “Trying to track the parabolic activity of my blood sugar during a night at the bar requires a PhD in Physics.”
10/28/2014 – “If I lick my blood off my finger will these people care? Whatever. I’ve been doing this since I was 8.”
11/2/2014 – “How many carbs are in a club special? Can I drink one without shooting up?”
11/10/2014 – “If at an event, can I survive off of spinach and beets?”
11/13/2014 – “Do I sound tired because of sheer exhaustion or is my blood sugar low?”
11/18/2014 – “Does that person know there might be 210 carbs in that corn dog? Oh wait, they obviously don’t care because they’re ordering it.”
11/26/2014 – “If I go low on purpose, is that an excuse to have another slice of pumpkin pie?”
12/09/2014 – “If these other people only knew what it’s like to do the same things they do, but being hypoglycemic the whole time.”
1/5/2015 – “My resolution is to change my lancet more than twice a year.”
1/20/2015 – “No. It’s not a pager.”
1/26/2015 – “Do I really need to cut out dairy?  I LOVE cheese.”
1/29/2015 – “Are they really putting that in their cart? It has like 247 carbs.”
2/3/2015 – “Yes, I am shooting up at the table.”
2/10/2015 – “When I go low, I am a crazy person.”
2/23/2015 – “What is pre-diabetes?”
3/16/2015 – “Does green beer have more carbs?”
3/23/2015 – “Does Halle Berry have Type 1 or Type 2?”
3/26/2015 – “Is pump fashion a real thing?”
4/3/2015 – “I know everyone hates Jay Cutler, but we don’t.”
4/30/2015 – “Can we find someone else besides Mary Tyler Moore to be our spokesperson?”
5/29/2015 – “I wonder if the average person knows the number of carbs in a piece of white bread?”
7/1/2015 – “Can I recycle my test strips? Probably not, I’ll just hoard them instead.”
7/20/2015 – “Hold on, let me smell my pump tubing. Yep, that’s me that smells like an anatomy lab.”

8/1/2015 – “Life is like a box of chocolates, except ours makes us poop our pants.”

8/18/2015 – “Is this early menopause or am I having an extreme low?”