How To Live Every Day With Adventure | Mark Carter, T1D | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 32


You never know when you’ll run into someone who shares a similar life philosophy, but after a chance meeting in college, Mark Carter resurfaces on Okie soil. He’s real and doesn’t hold back about his love of Equal and Chik-Fil-A. In this episode, our longest one yet, he shares his journey of being an ambassador for people with diabetes who don’t have a voice. If you’re brave enough to listen to the whole thing, we hope you’ll leave with the thought – is diabetes a blessing or a curse?


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  • How many people are alone? He’s an incredible advocate to making sure that folks know that the diabetes community is so important.
  • Two kinds of people:
    • The ones who won’t eat it.
    • I bet I could take a decent guess.
  • The burden the parents of T1Ds is real.
    • Check out Podcast 31 with T1D parent, Clayton McCook. He does a killer job of sharing his families story.
  • Charleston is a BIG part of the Carter’s life, but he didn’t make the diabetes alert dog cut.


  • The motto in the medical community when diagnosed is you can’t eat X items. The message is a negative one and could be changed to something like – People with diabetes can eat whatever they choose and do their best to determine how and what foods fluctuate their blood sugar.
    • An empowered choice!
    • Words are powerful, especially when treating the community.
  • In 2010, Mark had a turning point when he met Dr. Moss because he took the time to hear his story.
  • Dr. Moss take aways:
    • The head, the heart, and the hands.
    • Diabetes is a memory disease, it remembers what you do
    • Diabetes doesn’t have to dictate his life.
  • PDM (personal diabetes manager)
  • Low BGs vs. Panic Attack
  • Update your health information on your phone
  • Mark attended his first diabetes camp, Camp Endres
    • Take away – PWD need someone to talk to
    • Do you see it as a blessing or as a curse?.
  • Mark has to consider whether or not to use Trialnet.com, which is using knowledge gained through clinical research, TrialNet’s mission is to prevent type 1 diabetes and stop disease progression by preserving insulin production before and after diagnosis.
  • Can mangos lower your blood sugar? Check out this article by the Oklahoma State University.
  • The language of “artificial pancreas”. Is there a play on words…?
  • Mark truly is an ambassador for PWD. In this photo, the family sheds tears when he explains how the Omnipod works.




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