Inspiring The Next Wave Of Diabetes Innovation | Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine Founder | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 26

 Amy Tenderich - DiabetesMine.com and Real Life Diabetes Podcast

What’s the recipe for innovation? Funny you ask, we were thinking it went a little like this: timing, drive, wit, guts, luck, and a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. At least in Amy Tenderich’s story, all of those factors came together magically when she received her diagnosis in 2003.

Now a popular hashtag (#dblog) and convenient way to track the DOC (diabetes online community), dblogging needed its start. Amy pioneered dblogging. She launched DiabetesMine.com, an incredible patient resource for anyone interested in anything diabetes, with a journalistic slant. We love their honesty and connection, plus their interpretations of the latest diabetes research.

The DDG was pumped to have a trailblazer (who isn’t done lighting paths) on the show to discuss DiabetesMine’s story, her own experiences, and where we might be headed as a community.


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