Person First Language, Low-Carb Vs. High-Carb Diets, Skinny Pants Syndrome, and How Close Is The Closed Loop? | Kelly McKeever, RN and PWD | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 7

Real Life Diabetes Podcast 7

At the age of 13, did an event define your career path? For Kelly, it happened. A PWD–the importance of using this term instead of a diabetic was discussed, too–he now counsels patients with diabetes on a daily basis as part of a diabetes clinic. His real perspective for patients is invaluable. He relates to the ineffectiveness of the 15–wait–15 rule. He understands what it’s like to do something you regret when low or high. He’s been in that spot, where no matter how much insulin you dial up, your blood just won’t come down. He can empathize. 


We discussed how he became a diabetes health professional, his top advice, his approach to patients, the importance of the diabetes online community, and the story behind how he received his diabetes diagnosis, from a football coach. Kelly joined the DDG team over in Amber’s living room, on a sweltering Oklahoma summer day.



  • Ryan’s personal favorite flavor of glucose tablets, that need to be in your nightstand!
  • Looking to follow-up with Kelly? Here’s his Twitter handle: @wkmckeever
  • Here’s an a1c calculator, depending on your average blood sugar.
  • An official news report on Skinny Pants Syndrome.
  • The book on southern eating, that Amber plans on remodeling for a PWD, On The Road Again by Morgan Murphy.
  • The woman, we kind of mentioned wears the Omnipod on her arm, is Robin Arzon. IG: @robinnyc
  • ***Let it also be noted, as Kelly explained, that he is currently in the process of earning his CDE credentials. Ryan blew that one in the intro. ***
  • Anyone else felt a low blood sugar in a dream? Tell us about it below!
  • Here’s an image we’ve seen around the doctor’s office that could use some person-first language editing:

PWD - Person First Language Example



The team, including audio engineer Jonathan Stapleton, celebrating another ridiculous podcast:


Podcast 7, Real Life Diabetes Team



Big thanks to Sanofi for mentioning our podcast in their summary of the best diabetes podcasts!

==The Book That Sparked Amber and Ryan To Start The DDG==

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7 thoughts on “Person First Language, Low-Carb Vs. High-Carb Diets, Skinny Pants Syndrome, and How Close Is The Closed Loop? | Kelly McKeever, RN and PWD | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 7

  1. GREAT show! I recently took a job with a diabetes supply provider and this was incredibly illuminating for me in my quest to learn more about the disease. One of my tasks is to develop training materials/online learning for onboarding new customer care agents into our company – I’m definitely going to make this podcast a part of the training course that I’m developing. Looking forward to future shows – keep up the great work!

    ~Matt Montagne
    Healthy Living Medical Supply
    Troy, Michigan

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