Navigating Parenting Fears, College Lessons Learned, And The Power Of Friends | The Fightmasters | Real Life Diabetes Podcast #5

Real Life Diabetes Podcast #5 - The Fightmasters On Diabetic Parenting

It’s one thing to be the person receiving a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. It’s yours. It’s pretty straight forward for you. Take shots, count carbs, and survive. To be on the other side of the glass, as the parents, is another challenge in itself. Parenting can set the foundation for a successful life of type 1 diabetes management. The Fightmasters have an endless collection of diabetes experience, including crazy low blood sugars, insulin mix-ups, little league sports, and sending a kid to college. Their perspective is one of autonomy, flexibility, forgiveness, and empowerment. We joked, debated, and even came close to shedding a tear, although it was right in the middle of Oklahoma’s allergy season.


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We love these people and dished out various shoutouts during the podcast:

– Rich Roll Podcast with Robin Arzon
  • You’ll want to run through the diabetic brick wall after hearing this podcast. Great conversation from a person recently diagnosed with T1D and not letting it slow her down in the slightest.
– Scott Johnson from ScottsDiabetes.com

Here’s the list of miscellaneous stuff from this week’s talk:

– Everyone made fun of Ryan for his outlandish estimation of 10 million current type 1 diabetics and here’s the truth… JDRF estimates 3 million total people with a T1D diagnosis. Not too far off, I guess.
– Amber talked about the weight challenges involved with her earlier years on NPH. This article tends to agree with her sentiment.

We promised to attach a few images:

  • Misty (The Matriarch Of The Fightmaster Family)

Misty The Matriarch



  • Dr. Blackett (The Voice of Reckoning)

Dr. Blackett

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