NO More Doom & Gloom

Trouble Ahead Sign

In my nightly reading, I’m often overwhelmed by the abundance of all things “doom & gloom” on the diabetes front.  The overall message seems to be – you’re going to die a lot sooner than the average person and here is a long list of complications to look forward to.   BOO.

Diabetes Statistic                                                                         Image taken from ahealthblog.com

I’m kicking off the week with a positive vibe by offering a sneak peak into my stockpile of recent reads.  I’ve officially become an article hoarder.  I hope you enjoy a few articles that made me laugh or offered a positive outlook on the disease.  Happy Reading.

Entertained? – check out the Diabetes Daily Grind Flipboard and DDG Recipe Flipboard.

Amber Clour was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. 21 days after her eighth birthday, she was rushed to Children’s Hospital where she spent two weeks learning how to live life with Type 1 diabetes. She has embraced the thought of being a #walkingscienceproject and hopes to score an A+ for her efforts to maintain a stable BG while living life to the fullest - whatever that means.

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