A Non-Techie Father Finds NightScout | Clayton McCook on T1D Parenting Empowerment | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 31


At the JDRF Summit last January in Oklahoma City, we struck up a conversation with the father of Lily, an adorable, youngster who lives with T1D. She had on this awesome-looking watch with her blood sugar. So did her Dad. We had to explore further. In this episode, Clayton shares his family’s philosophies on parenting and empowering the T1D life. While not a “techie guy”, he managed to discover and use Night Scout… while continuing to develop an artificial pancreas in his basement. There’s some wisdom in this one folks.


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Clayton’s words of advice for parents whose child is recently diagnosed:
  • You’re going to be okay. You’re going to get this.
  • Breath deep and just take it one step at a time.
Clayton shares his encouraging philosophy when Lily was younger – It’s a good number because you checked it.
Cheers to the highs and lows everyone!

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