Podcast 91: The Importance of Connectivity | Diabuddies App Founders

The battle against diabetes doesn’t have to be done alone, we need community. That is the mindset of today’s guests (yes plural!) the Diabuddies App Founders, Amy, Sarah and Charlene. As we dive in, you’ll learn how these ladies’ experience with diabetes led them to create something ALL people living with diabetes can support.


Our founder Amy Hsieh was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2019 when she was hospitalized for DKA. With no family history of T1D, she struggled with anxiety, diabetes burnout, and lack of social support. After the diagnosis, Amy took the opportunity to research the intersection of diabetes and mental health in her graduate studies course at the School of Iovine and Young from University of Southern California. Through online research and conducting numerous interviews, she found a distinct need for social support throughout the diabetes space, and proposed an app for people living with diabetes to meet online.

Diabuddies is a mobile app designed for people living with diabetes to connect online for mutual support. Amy is joined by a team of graduate students (Sara Benjamin, Michelle Sacks, Nicole Manglicmot, and Charlene Tan) from USC who are passionate about the cause & they will continue to bring the idea to life.



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PLEASE NOTE: We are not giving medical advice, but only sharing our story about managing life with diabetes. Please seek medical advice from your regular GP or endocrinologist before changing your diabetes regimen.

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