Podcast 92: The Truth Will Set You Free | Matt Tarro & Brandon Denson

You don’t have to hide, let’s have the tough talks. In this episode you’ll learn why this is so important with guests Matt Tarro & Brandon Denson the Founders of Bolus Maximus. Matt and Brandon have created this community with a focus on filling a major void in the male community, the need for vulnerable connections for men dealing with diabetes. Both diagnosed at later ages, they know first hand how diabetes can get in the way of your goals and plans. Now they are on a passionate mission to help those grinding through this disease. Let’s jump right into their stories and start talking about some hard truths and good advice.


Brandon fights for what he wants. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a high school senior, his dream to play football was challenged when he didn’t receive any offers to play college football. He then joined the Michigan State football team as a walk-on freshman, and earned a full scholarship to play linebacker for the next three years. Brandon receives his diabetes care at the UMass Memorial Diabetes Center of Excellence, from Dr. Nina Rosano.

Matt learned simultaneously, as a sophomore in high school, that he had a Hernia, T1 Diabetes, and had to start taking medicine for ADHD. He went to college as a fresh new diabetic on sleep-depriving mental stimulants and came out totally hooked on a lifestyle unfit for a person with T1D. Through hard work, diet, and exercise he’s been able to steer himself in the right direction. Matt is an artist, photographer, filmographer, and musician.


 Shout out to those who invested in me and the Diabetes Daily Grind early on. Thank you Dr. Matt and Jennifer Brookes at Innovative Eyecare, the folks over at Real Good Foods, and the research team at Prosciento.


Amber Clour was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. 21 days after her eighth birthday, she was rushed to Children’s Hospital where she spent two weeks learning how to live life with Type 1 diabetes. She has embraced the thought of being a #walkingscienceproject and hopes to score an A+ for her efforts to maintain a stable BG while living life to the fullest - whatever that means.

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