A Sermon For The Diabetes Soul | Rev Run & Justine Simmons | Real Life Diabetes 24

Rev Run and Justine Real Life Diabetes Podcast 24                                                                 Photo by Novo Nordisk & Ask.Screen.Know™

After a few months of friendly stalking, we scored the opportunity to chat with hip hop legend and diabetes advocate, Rev Run and his wife Justine Simmons. With 1 in 3 adult Americans being at risk of Type 2 diabetes, they’re spreading the word about T2D prevention with the help of Ask.Screen.Know™. In this episode, we’re swapping recipes, avoiding the food police (while simultaneously encouraging them) and sharing how to lead by example in hopes of changing their family’s history. The message is clear – Do it for the ones you love. 

Show Notes:

  • Looking for diabetes organization? Take a look at OutOfSightCases.com and use the code REALLIFE1 at checkout for FREE SHIPPING. Ryan’s is on the way.
  • Masterlab
  • Follow Rev Run
  • Ask.Screen.Know™. For real though, if you know someone who might be at risk, have them feel out the assessment from Novo Nordisk. Knowledge is power!
  • The aformentioned food police and son Daniel (Diggy). Follow the guy on IG here and Twitter here for the food how-to.
  • The key to edible kale chips: smoked paprika.
  • Recipe Swap: Check out a few of their recipes HERE and check out Amber’s vegan cashew queso.
  • On the way to the movies but don’t have time for candy? Snag some seaweed (here’s our favorite). Everyone’s doing it (well, Justine’s doing it).
  • Big thanks to Run DMC for the generous offering of their music for the show. Walk This Way by Run DMC ft. Aerosmith and It’s Tricky by Run DMC.
  • Win the iTunes review contest right now, seriously you are guaranteed to win, if you just leave a review HERE.
  • Bookmark this link if you’d like to support the DDG with each Amazon purchase!
  • Listen to our theme song (by Mike Hosty) until your heart fills with delight.

Shout Out:

  • Thank you Rev Run & Justine Simmons for taking time to entertain our questions.
  • Special thanks to our insanely patient audio engineer, Jonathan Stapleton. He always makes it happen.

Words Of Wisdom by Rev Run:

  • Do your best and forget the rest.

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2 thoughts on “A Sermon For The Diabetes Soul | Rev Run & Justine Simmons | Real Life Diabetes 24

  1. Wonderful information, mow if I could just:

    Do your best and forget the rest.!!

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of June 27, 2016.

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