Bad Weather Reserves – Part #2

Icy Roads

The Oklahoma weather keeps us on our toes.  Last week I enjoyed cocktails on the patio, but last night temperatures dropped below freezing and the sleet and frozen rain kept me from falling asleep.  Confession – I chose not to buy into the hoopla because the local media seem to heighten our fear of inclement weather.  I enjoyed my lazy Sunday reading without a care in the world.  I felt confident I could head out tomorrow, like most Mondays, to run errands.  I was WRONG!

I awoke to my driveway being a solid sheet of ice and there is no way in hell I’m going to ice skate to the grocery store.  This scenario reminds me of a post I put out during tornado season, Bad Weather Reserves.  In this post, I seem to have it together when prepping for bad weather year round.  I should have reread that post before deciding to turn my back on the weatherman. Continue reading