Yoga Routine That Rivals Coffee


Coffee Mug

During one of my glutenous reading sessions before bed, I came across a fellow blogger, Locke Hughes, who posts a 15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine Wakes You Up Better Than Coffee. I have yet to try it, but plan to test this theory next week once this blasted head cold has left my body. I can only take so much and waking up to yoga vs. my morning java might be a stretch. Continue reading

Blueberry, Whole-Grain Pancakes – Workout Recovery Perfection


All runners know the moment intimately. You’re halfway through a long morning run. You know that the finish line is crossable. You’ve been chewing on dates, Hammer gels, and all other forms of caffeine carbohydrate concoctions for the last hour or so. You can actually hear your stomach growling. All the pain or fatigue starts to disappear, being replaced by this insatiable hunger. All you can think about is EATING. Continue reading