Take That Diabetes – Today I Win

DDG Flipping the Bird

I’m stoked to share my recent visit to the endocrinologist.  In earlier years this dreaded trip brought on a week or so of anxiety…  Would he know I lied about my blood sugar?  Could he tell I drank a wine cooler a few weeks ago?  Will they have to take blood?  He is the window into my diabetic life and I was terrified as to what he could reveal.  I no longer stress about this biannual visit, in fact, I kind of enjoy it.  I work hard every single day to feel good and my numbers hopefully reflect my actions.

The visit starts with a super sweet nurse who allows me to prick my own finger.  YAY ME!  Having someone else prick my finger seems to be WAY more painful (control issues?).   I settle in and wait for Dr. Lane to enter the room.  He pops in and starts with a story about his recent trip to the Salvador Dalí Museum.  I appreciated the story and how Dalí’s work reflected his love of science, but I couldn’t focus because I was antsy about the numbers – I NEED THE NUMBERS!

Dr. Lane starts going down his check list.

  • Meds: I’ve lowered my intake of insulin considerably since June.
  • Weight: Lost 5 lbs.  WOOHOO!
  • A1c: 6.5, down from 6.9.  I honestly questioned this number and said something like, “Are you sure?”  I’ve had a few unexpected highs and thought they would totally screw things up.  Apparently not.
  • Blood Pressure: Perfect.  In fact, I’m being taken off a medication I was prescribed years ago.
  • Eye Exam: Dr. Lane confirmed my diabetic retinopathy can be reversed while at this stage.

I left the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center on cloud 9 and couldn’t wait to share the good news with Ryan and my family.  I’m not bragging, I’m just proud of myself.  As a veteran T1D, I often feel like I’m on the diabetes battlefield, but today I scored a major victory.  Diabetes complications and all things doom & gloom were left in the dust.


Amber Clour was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. 21 days after her eighth birthday, she was rushed to Children’s Hospital where she spent two weeks learning how to live life with Type 1 diabetes. She has embraced the thought of being a #walkingscienceproject and hopes to score an A+ for her efforts to maintain a stable BG while living life to the fullest - whatever that means.

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