The Insider’s Guide To Staying Stylish (Without Blisters!!!) | Amber with Shoe Lovers Shelene Kinsley & Betsy King | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 22

Real Life Diabetes Podcast 22 on Shoes

While Ryan was studying for the boards, Amber gathered a few shoe lovers from across the country to discuss the “dream” shoe for PWDs. Maybe they didn’t find that “dream” shoe, but she enjoyed a lively discussion with guest, Shelene Kinsley, Tales From A Type 1 blogger, T1D and upcoming shoe designer. This episode was recorded in Oklahoma City’s own Betsy King Boutique. Betsy is a seasoned buyer and Amber appreciates her attention to detail when looking for the perfect high heel. Who knew that heels are better for your feet than flats? Seriously though.

Gentlemen or ladies who love shoes just as much as Amber – this episode reveals the hidden tricks to keeping your feet in prime condition.

Show Notes:

Nursing Shoes

  • Shelene’s Go-To boots. She is able to stuff her “emergency candy” and all things T1D in these bad boys.

Shelene's Boots

  • Oprah’s “How To Walk In Heels” episode

  • Check out Shelene’s sock tip – REI
  • Liquid Band-Aid – The miracle that absolutely saves a blister from becoming a two week healing odyssey.
  • Check out this new T1D awareness campaign on brands that support the diabetes life at #CoutureToaCure
  • We hope you enjoyed the acoustic version of our NEW theme song. Check out the live version on this Youtube link.
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