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The DDG is looking to expand in hopes of reaching a larger audience because according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are 29.1 million diabetics in the United States.  We’re willing to bet these folks could use a little real support for the diabetic life – DDG style.  We are currently looking for a few fellow passionate folks to share their story.

CDC image  We’re not experts, even though Amber acts like she is and Ryan breaks down all things scientific. We’re  just sharing stories of our everyday life to hopefully help others battle the day to day struggles.  Your recent adventure with diabetes could spare someone a few curse words or embarrassing moments OR help educate folks who don’t know about what this disease really means.

If you are someone you know are interested in sharing a story or two, please contact the DDG at info@diabetesdailygrind.com.  Please include your full name, contact information and maybe a few subjects you would like to rant about.  We look forward to hearing from you.

You can also catch up with us on DDG Facebook & DDG Twitter.

Amber Clour was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. 21 days after her eighth birthday, she was rushed to Children’s Hospital where she spent two weeks learning how to live life with Type 1 diabetes. She has embraced the thought of being a #walkingscienceproject and hopes to score an A+ for her efforts to maintain a stable BG while living life to the fullest - whatever that means.

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