What You Don’t Learn At The Endo: 8 Diabetes Lessons Discovered The Hard Way | Amber and Ryan | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 11

What You Don't Learn At The Endo | Real Life Diabetes Podcast 11

As Amber and Ryan have poured their collective souls into the Internet (a slightly terrifying thought) over the past two years, they’ve noticed a few themes when it comes to living life with this disease. That’s what today’s all about: realness in the form of personal experience. With 40+ years of experience between the two, they widdled down the advice into 8 simple, everyday lessons.

Here’s what you’re in for today:

  • Ryan, after a few tough experiences, no longer thinks about relationships when low.
  • Amber’s opening up to friends and family about diabetes… Just ask, they’ll tell you it’s true.
  • Denial is sneaky


Photo of Ryan’s dad’s table

Amber has influenced Ryan! He “might” sign up for the option to take tests with emergency candy via the Disabilities Act…

#walkingscienceproject – We would love to hear

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